Struggling with your blog? 10 must reads!

Are you a small business owner or individual trying to get your blog noticed online? Do you struggle with content, never knowing what to write about? I know I do! Below you’ll find 10 articles that offer some great advice on writing content for you blog. I hope you find the information as helpful as I did! 

1. Battling Bloggers Block from ProBlogger

2. How to Create Dreamy Content While You Sleep by from copyblogger

3. 20 Blog Topics To Get You Unstuck by Chris Brogan

4. 5 Types of Posts to Feed Your Business Blog from Hubspot

5. Do You Have Blogger’s Block? Coming up With New Content Continuously by WAHM Biz Builder

6. 7 Ways to Engage Readers of a Business Blog from ProBlogger

7. 10 ways to get regular content for your website or blog by Content Blog

8.  How to Write Great Blog Content from ProBlogger

9.  How to Get Stuck Words to Flow Again from Freelance Switch 

And number 10, which I’m participating in right  now,  is 31 Days to Build a Better Blog hosted by ProBlogger. It’s not too late to sign up. Join in the fun and better your blog today!

What suggestions would you make to others that are struggling with their blogs? Would love to hear your ideas.

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