Good Articles to Help You with all those Facebook Changes

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has been puzzled and confused by all the Facebook changes that are going on. And with more coming in the next few weeks, I’m sure the confusion will continue.  The good thing is, there have been some great articles written to help us get through and figure it all out. So every time I found an article this week that was helpful in explaining all these changes, I bookmarked it so I could share with you.  Here’s my list so far, I’m sure I’ll be adding to it when the new Timeline comes out!

Major Facebook Upgrade: This Week in Social Media written by Cindy King at Social Media Examiner

Customize Facebook News Feed with Your Favorite Pages written by Janine Gregor at Business Darlings

Five Facebook Changes and What You Need to Know written by Andrea Vahl at Social Media Examiner

What I Like About the New Facebook Timeline Profile, Privacy Settings, and News Feed written by Kristi Hines at

How to Use the Facebook Timeline: A Complete Walk-Through of the Redesigned Profile written by Josh Constine at Inside Facebook

As the changes continue to roll out over the next few weeks I’ll add to this list, and please if you’ve come across any articles that have helped you, add them in the comments below, so that we can all help each other figure these changes out!

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